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Do you want to better use your command prompt on Windows?

Are you tired of having to copying the text using the old method?

Regardless of main developments within the capabilities of the Windows graphical UI (user interface), the trusty Command Prompt nonetheless turns out to be useful, even on Windows 10. For users who discover themselves continuously utilizing this decades-old interface, turning on QuickEdit Mode might provide a noticeable increase in productivity. Right here’s the best way to use it.

QuickEdit Mode = Better CMD Work

With the usual Command Prompt management scheme, users can choose, copy, and paste textual content utilizing a right-click menu. This works effectively sufficient, nevertheless it provides an additional step or two to each motion.

If you happen to solely copy and paste textual content within the Command Prompt often, the usual scheme is probably going fantastic. However in case you’re copying and pasting a number of occasions per session, you could wish to try QuickEdit Mode. Begin by left-clicking on the Command Prompt icon on the top-left of the window. Choose Properties and look below Edit Options. Verify the field for QuickEdit Mode after which press OK to shut the Properties window.

Now, with QuickEdit enabled, you should use your left mouse button to highlight and choose any textual content or commands contained in the Command Prompt window, similar to you’d with text in some other software. When you’ve highlighted the specified command or portion of text, press the right-click button one time. This can copy your chosen text to the clipboard. Then place your cursor within the appropriate location and press the suitable mouse button once more to paste the text/command. You may also paste the text in any software outdoors of the Command Prompt.

QuickEdit Mode takes some time to get used to it, as errant right-clicks will lead to text being pasted in all places, however it may be a significant time saver for Command Prompt power users and geeks like you. If you happen to discover that you simply choose the usual copy and paste technique, merely repeat the steps above and uncheck the QuickEdit field within the Command Prompt Properties window.

Here you go, you have just learned how to better use the command prompt. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments section below this brief tutorial.

Soufiane – thewindowscollege.com