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Are you blocked from using Internet in your network?

Do you think someone is limiting your bandwidth or internet speed using an “ARP Spoofer” ?

Changing the MAC (media access control) address or your network identity can be useful and will provide you privacy since everyone in the network can “find” you using a specific program.

For this you will need to change your identity in the current network, that identity is simply the “MAC address” of your network card.

Change MAC Address on Windows

How to Get the MAC Address?

The fastest way to get the MAC address of your network card is to open the command prompt by running CMD in Run (Win+R).

Then use the following command:

getmac /v /fo list

You can also use “ipconfig /all” but it will give you way more text than necessary.

You will get the list of all network adapters available in your PC, in my case I’m connected to the network using a “Wi-Fi” adapter. The MAC address is the “Physical Address(12-hexa-numbers).

You can also find the MAC address in Windows 10 by going to “Settings” > “Wi-Fi” or “Ethernet” > “Hardware Properties“. You will find yours besides “Physical address“.

Now that we know how to find our MAC address, we can carry on to find how to change it, the easy way and the “geeky” way.

Change MAC Address Using MAC Address Changer

The best program you can use to change your MAC address is “Technitium MAC Address Changer“: Free 100%, highly recommended and easy to use.

After you download Technitium MAC Address Changer you can proceed to installing it.

Run the setup as an administrator and click “Next >” on the first step.

Check “I agree to above terms of agreement.” and click “Next >“.

Choose a path for installing the program and click on “Next >” to continue.

To finish the installation process click on “Finish” and launch the program using the desktop’s shortcut.

Highlight the network card that is “Up, Operational(in Link Status), that should be the card you are currently using to connect to your network and internet. In my case I’m using “Wi-Fi” to connect to internet.

Click on “Random MAC Address” or type on a MAC address of your own (12-hexa-numbers – from 1 to F) in the box “Change MAC Address“.

Then click on “Change Now!“, you will be disconnected and reconnected to the network with a completely new MAC address! Happy days :p

You should get a message “MAC Address was changed successfully.” in a window. Click “OK“. Your new MAC address is now installed in the registry, you can go back to the factory’ MAC address by clicking “Restore Original” button next to “Change Now!“.

Change MAC Address Manually

If you don’t want to use any programs to change your MAC address here is the steps to follow, this method works in all versions of Windows.

Open the Command Prompt using CMD in Run (Win+R) and use this command:

net config rdr

Find the hexadecimal code between the brackets { and } and save it, we will need it later.

Open “Run” using Win+R key combination, enter the command REGEDIT and click “OK“.

Follow this path using the arrows besides each key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Class \ {4D36E972-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

You will find keys from 0000 to 0015, check the value of NetCfgInstanceId inside each of theses numbered keys to match the code we saved earlier.

Right click under the key (in my case 0002) that contains the value of your network interface and choose “New” > “String Value“. Name it “NetworkAddress“.

Double-click on the newly created string value NetworkAddress and put on your desired MAC address (12 hexadecimal digits). Click “OK“.

And there you have it!

You have just managed to change the MAC address of your PC on your current network, happy days.

If you have encountered any problems feel free to write a comment down below. Thanks for your time in advance.

Soufiane – thewindowscollege.com