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Taking snapshots back in the days of Windows XP was a tedious job, we had to press Print Screen key to save the screenshot to the clipboard then open MS Paint and press CTRL+V to paste the screenshot.

Users who wanted advanced features had to use third-party tools, like PicPick (free!).

Then Microsoft introduced Snipping Tool in order to help users taking snapshots without using third-party tools. This feature was introduced in Windows 7 and is also available in Windows 8 and Windows 10.

In this guide you will learn how to create a custom keyboard shortcut to start the Snipping Tool fast. Because Windows doesn’t have a default keyboard shortcut.

Before creating a shortcut you had to go through Start menu or search for it to launch it. Creating a keyboard shortcut will help you become more productive.

Keyboard Shortcut for Snipping Tool in Windows 10

Open Start and search for “snipping tool“, then right-click on Snipping Tool and choose “Open file location

Right-click on Snipping Tool shortcut and choose “Properties” or press CTRL+F1 to show the ribbon and click “Properties“.

Under the “Shortcut” tab click on the Shortcut key field, then use your keyboard to enter the shortcut you desire. The most intuitive shortcut I came up with is CTRL+ALT+S, click “Apply” and try the shortcut, if it works click “OK” to close the window!

Keep in mind that you can also place or pin the Snipping tool in the taskbar, then use Windows key + number key (e.g 1) key to launch it.