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Do you want to change your default Browser on Windows 10?

There are just lot of settings to change your default program in you Windows 10 and no longer understand which way to go?

As you know Microsoft Edge was released with Windows 10 and was set as Default by Microsoft. Though Microsoft has modified Internet Explorer with Edge, it didn’t change the place of default internet browser in Windows 10. Nevertheless Microsoft has modified the steps concerned or the method to set default internet browsers within the OS. If need to know learn how to set your most popular browser as a default browser, right here we’ve few steps to set Chrome or Firefox as a default browser in Windows 10.

Well, you can pick a default app for any UWP application (mail, calendar, browser, …). Internet browsers like Firefox and Chrome don’t have the choice to set them as default browser when installing your Windows.

Microsoft’s argument is that throughout the upgrading process, users have the selection to set default apps together with internet browsers. So, if the users wish to set something as default they’ll achieve this. Nonetheless, Microsoft would absolutely need its Windows 10 user to experience the newly constructed Edge browser, which in any other case folks would go for Chrome or Firefox.

Now, what occurs is that in the course of the upgrading course of you might need skipped the default app setting possibility and now desires to set Firefox or Chrome as a default browser in Windows 10.

Even in case you use your browser to sync your information, then it could most likely a great choice to set default browser to what it was earlier than. However, right here is how one can arrange Chrome or Firefox as a default browser in Windows 10.

The Easy Way to Change the Default Browser on Windows 10

I will show you 3 ways to set your Default Browser (or really any program) in your Windows operating system.

1. Change Default Browser from App Settings

Open your Settings app using the Win+I key combination. You can also open it from Start menu by clicking on the Settings’ gear icon in the left >>  

Then click on “System” or search for “Default apps” in the Find a setting form.

You can also search for the ‘Default apps’ app in Start menu or Cortana.

Go to “Default apps” in the left side and go to “Web browser“, just click on your default browser to show the list of other browsers available to set as default.

2. Set Default Browser from Control Panel

To open the control panel use the Win+X (= right-click on Start) key combination and hit P (Control Panel).

Click on “Default Programs” after changing the View by: to Large icons.

Click on “Set your default programs“.

Select Firefox or any default browser you want to set in the list on the left. Browsers can be associated to certain or all file types (e.g htm, html, …).

3. Set Default Browser from Firefox/Chrome Settings

When on Firefox type about:preferences in the address bar, this will open the Settings/Options/Preferences of your Mozilla Firefox browser.

In the General tab you will find a message “Firefox is not your default browser”, if so, click on the button “Make Default(or ALT+D).

In Google Chrome you can access the Default browser setting by opening the settings page chrome://settings.

Go to “Default browser” section and click the button “Make Google Chrome the default browser“.

In either case, the browser will open up the Default apps page in the Settings app in Windows 10.

From there you can choose a browser as a default one, just like the first method explained.

There you have it!

If you have any problems with your system feel free to fix your operating system.