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Do you want to disable URL suggestions in Microsoft Internet Explorer 11?

If so this is a quick guide to help you achieve that result!

As you know IE 11 offers URL suggestions to popular websites that you may have never visited before. For example when typing “mic” in the address bar some popular websites show up under the address bar.

This tutorial will help you to stop these suggestions from showing up.

If you want to stop sending keystrokes to your search engine to get search suggestions click on “Turn off suggestions” at the bottom of the suggestions list.

Stop URL Suggestions in IE 11

To stop showing URL suggestions to popular websites in Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 we need firstly to access “Internet options“. To do this click on the gear on the top right corner of your browser window and choose “Internet options“.


Open the tab “Content” on top and click on the button “Settings” next to AutoComplete.

Here you can disable anything AutoComplete!

What we are interested in disabling are the suggested URL, to do this uncheck “Suggesting URLs” in the list and click “OK“.

You don’t need to restart your browser, as you can see after typing “mic” no popular website showed up.


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