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Google Chrome is nowadays the go to web browser for many Mac and PC users. Thanks to his simple UI and fast speed of launch, this without forgetting the Sandbox that provides a higher level of security compared to other browsers in the market.

Clearing history in Google Chrome can take several clicks yet there is a trick to prevent the browser from storing history data in the first place!

All history data are stored in a file named History. The old way to avoid storing history is by using the Incognito through a special shortcut but this will also disable your extensions and destroy all your sessions since cookies are deleted automatically after you close your Incognito window.

Luckily there is a trick to prevent the recording of browsing history in Google Chrome, and here is how I did it.

Now we have to restrict access to Chrome’s history file. First, quit Chrome to prevent any conflicts, and then find Chrome’s history file. In OS X, this file is stored at the following location:

Prevent Chrome from Storing Browser History

Make sure you clear your browsing history (next part of this tutorial) if you want all history cleared before stopping new history from being added.

Stop History in Google Chrome

Open your Run command prompt using the Windows+X key combination and type in the following path, press “OK“:

%LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

Look for the file History, right-click on it and choose “Properties“.

Now we need to lock future changes in this file, to do this we are going to enable the Read-only attribute.

In the General tab check “Read-only” and click “OK“.

Once locked, try to visit new websites, you will notice that Chrome didn’t record any of these visits in history.

But why not using Incognito Mode?” Some users may ask…

Well, Incognito Mode will disable cookies and extensions, this will log you out every time you close your Incognito browser window. But using this method you can still enjoy your browser and extensions, the only thing that will not be recorded is your browsing history.

In the next part we will see how to clear browsing data. Make sure you un-check “Read-only” in order to clear the History file from any entries.


How to Clear Chrome Browsing History

Open your Google Chrome browser and press CTRL+H to open your browser history, or just open this URL:


Click on “Clear browsing data” to open the next box.

Choose the period of time you want to clear browsing data for (e.g from the beginning of time to remove all of them). Then select “Browsing history” from the list of items. Click “Clear browsing data“.

Now you have a fresh browser, you can check “Read-only” on your History file now.

There you have it! You just learned how to disable browsing history from being stored in Google Chrome without using the Incognito Mode!

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