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As we all know Microsoft made a large campaign to push all of us to upgrade to Windows 10, through a tool called “Media Creation Tool“.

This tool downloads all the needed files internally, you just have to click one button and the tool takes care of everything; no ISO to download, no ISOtoUSB nor burning DVDs for this to work.

But how can I download the ISO? Some of you asked me…

Well, apart from downloading the ISO from third-party websites and torrents there is a better way. You can download your own ISO from Microsoft official website for Windows 10. And it’s Free, but you still need an activation key but you can still use it on trial until you find or buy one yourself.

Windows 10 is a service and is getting improved with continuous development and upgrades, there will be no newer version of Windows but Windows 10. As announced by Microsoft.

How to Download Windows 10 ISO

Microsoft uses our browser’s user agent to identify which operating system we’re currently using. The user agent gives us away but if we can change it to an OS that can’t run the media creation tool, we will be able to download the Windows 10 ISO file. For this you need:

  • Chrome or Firefox
  • A User-Agent Changer/Switcher Extension/Add-on

Changing User-Agent

How to Change User-Agent in Firefox

First download and install the add-on User Agent Switcher add-on for Firefox.

Right-click on the top of your Firefox browser and select “Customize“. You will be presented with all the add-ons installed on your browser.

Drag-and-drop the User-Agent Switcher wherever you want to make it easy to access.


Click on the icon of the add-on and select the option “iPhone 3.0” from the listed user agents. The button will turn its color to blue when the add-on is active.

Now you can move to the next part. The download link is on the end of this article.

How to Change User-Agent in Chrome

Launch your chrome browser or open a new tab, we are going to install an extension from the official chrome site to allow us to change User-Agent to Android this time.

Download the User-Agent Switcher for Chrome and let it install itself. Chrome won’t require restarting the browser after installing this plugin.

In order to change the User-Agent all you have to do is click on the icon of the extension and choose “Android” > “Android KitKat“. You can also choose “iOS” > “iPhone 6“.

Download Windows 10 ISO from Miscrosoft

To download your own ISO now, please open the link in the end of this article, choose your Windows 10′ edition. Click “Confirm“. Select the “Language“. The download page will be shown.

You can choose between a “64-bit Download” or a “32-bit Download“. I recommend that you go for the 64-bit option since most computers nowadays support it, this will also allow you to go beyond the RAM limitation in a 32-bit operating system.

Please notice that if you didn’t change the User-Agent you will be redirected to the download Media Creation Tool page. But using this ISO you can create your own installation disk or create a Windows USB installer as we have shown in an earlier tutorial on thewindowscollege.com.

Also keep in mind that the ISO you just downloaded is not activated. You can use it to install Windows 10 on any computer or tablet but you still need a digital license or an OEM license for the system.

If you actually have a digital license, you will be asked to enter it during installation. Windows 10 will automatically detect an OEM license if it’s already installed.

Download the Official Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft