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Do you have problems changing the desktop wallpaper of your Windows 10 PC?

Well here is the solution!

Changing wallpapers is easy, right?

But what if when you right-click on an image and choose “Set as Wallpaper” nothing changes?

And sometimes even the Settings app won’t let you change the wallpaper. This is due to some issues we are going to show you how to fix in this tutorial.

This problem can be caused when having the option “Remove background images” enabled in Ease of Access Center or because of other reasons we are going to fix in this guide.

Fix Black Wallpaper in Windows 10


Fix Black Background with Ease of Access Center

Right-click on Start or tap Windows+X and choose “Control Panel“.

Click on “Ease of Access” then choose “Ease of Access Center“.

Click on “Make the computer easier to see“.

Scroll down and uncheck “Remove background images (where available)” and click “Apply” then “OK“.

Fix Wallpaper in Group Policy Editor




Disable “Active Desktop” in the Registry Editor

Open Run using Windows+R keyboard combination and type in “regedit“, click “OK“.

Follow this path in the Registry Editor, find “ActiveDesktop” under the key Policies, right-click on it and choose “Delete“.


Do the same on the following paths (delete Active Desktop under the key Policies):





Check Power Options to Fix Background SlideShow

If you have a slideshow that is not working properly this may fix the problem.

Right-click on Start and choose “Power Options“.

Go to “Desktop background settings” > “Slide show” and put in “Available“. Click “OK“.

If you are using a laptop you will see “On battery” and “Plugged in” options, set them both to “Available“.

TranscodedWallpaper File Corrupted Fix

Sometimes the file “TranscodedWallpaper” gets corrupted and will cause the wallpapers not to work as expected.

Open Run using Windows+R keyboard combination and enter the following path:


Rename the file TranscodedWallpaper to TranscodedWallpaper.old.

Empty the file slideshow.ini.

This will reset the slideshow wallpaper.


I hope this tutorial helped you fix the wallpaper problem under Windows 10.

Please share this tutorial with your friends! Thanks a lot!