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VLC media player is more than a video player, this very known media player contains within it lot of tools (conversion, streaming, subtitles, …) and is known for its ease of use, but sometimes problems happen like the error “VLC Does Not Support UNDF Format” we discussed earlier.

Lot of VLC media player users noticed that after playing multiple media files at the same time or for some other reason… VLC media player opens a new window called “VLC (Direct3D output)“.

In this short article I will show you a quick fix to disable the Direct3D output window in VLC media player.

Eliminate the VLC (Direct3D output) Window

Here is how it looks, after playing a dozen videos at the same time using VLC media player on Windows 10.

As you can see I have two windows, one titled “VLC (Direct3D output)” and the other contains the playlist and other elements (menu, control buttons, …) of VLC media player.

To fix this issue go to the menu on top and click on “Video” > “Video Track” > “Disable“. This will close the Direct3D output window temporarily.

Again, open “Video” > “Video Track” and choose “Track 1” this time.

And there you have it, you have fixed your VLC media player. True, it’s a temporary fix… Until I find a permanent fix please feel free to use the steps I described above every time you face this problem.

Share this fix with your friends! Thanks a lot for your support.