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Do you want to run Windows 10 from your USB drive?

Are you traveling and you miss your Windows 10 PC?

Create your own USB drive that runs Windows 10 for you!

In this guide you will learn how to create a bootable Windows 10 USB drive using WinToUSB.

As you know, there is a tool called Windows to Go that allows you to create a bootable Windows drive. But it’s only available in the Enterprise edition of Windows 10.

This tip will also work if you want to create a Windows 7 USB drive if you like Windows 7.

Create Bootable Windows 10 Drive

1st Step: Download Windows 10 ISO

There are two methods to download the Windows 10 ISO legally, we have revealed a trick to download Windows 10 earlier in thewindowscollege.com from the official Microsoft website.

In this guide we will show you another way to download the latest version of Windows 10 using the Media Creation Tool for free.

Start by downloading the Media Creation Tool from the official Microsoft website.

After double-click on the file MediaCreationTool.exe and “Accept” the license terms.

Choose “Create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file) for another PC” and click “Next“.

Here you can choose the language, the edition and the architecture of your Windows 10 ISO file. Click “Next“.

Choose “ISO file” and click on “Next“.

This way, you won’t have to download the ISO again if you want to use it to install Windows 10 on your computer. You can also use the ISO to install Windows 10 and run it from a USB drive which is our main goal in this tutorial.

You’ll be asked to choose the folder where you will save the ISO file.

Wait until the ISO file is downloaded.

Now that you have an ISO file to work with, let’s create our Windows 10 USB drive.

2nd Step: Install Windows 10 on to a USB Drive

WinToUSB is a free program that will help you install and run Windows 10/7 from a USB drive.

The best thing about this free software is its ease of use and in a few mouse clicks you can create your own Windows 10 USB key and use it anywhere.

Download WinToUSB from the official website.

Choose the free version, it’s working to perfection.

Install WinToUSB on your PC and launch it.

Click on the Explorer icon to choose an Image File (ISO).

Select your ISO file and click “Open“.

This program will also work with Windows 7 ISO files.

Select the type of operating system from the list, here I’ve chosen “Windows 10 Pro“, click “Next“.

Choose “MBR for BIOS” and click “Yes“.

The program will start formatting your USB drive.

Choose “Legacy” for “Installation mode” and click “Next“.

Once the installation has reached 100% close the program WinToUSB and remove the USB drive.

You Windows 10 USB drive is now ready! You can use it on any PC and any changes you make will be saved in your USB drive.