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Do you have a limited data plan and want to set your Ethernet connection as metered?

Windows 10 is designed for you to take full benefit of your internet connection, such as downloading updates, drivers or syncing your system settings. But not everyone have an unlimited access plan.

This trick will help you set Ethernet as metered connection in order to stop Windows 10 from downloading updates until you connect via an unlimited internet access connection. This is useful if you are connected using a modem that is recognized as Ethernet connection.

We are going to tweak the Registry Editor, so you can set your Ethernet connection as metered.

Set Ethernet Connection as Metered Connection

Please backup your Registry or create a restore point before making any changes to your Registry. This method also works on Windows 8.

Open Run using Windows+R key combination and type in regedit, click “OK“.

Now we will need some permissions in order to edit the Ethernet Value. It’s easy!

Navigate to this path and right-click on the key “DefaultMediaCost“. Choose “Permissions“.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Microsoft -> Windows NT -> CurrentVersion -> NetworkList -> DefaultMediaCost

Click on “Advanced“.

Click on “Change” next to TrustedInstaller.

Type in “Administrators” and click “Check Names“, it will complete the name for you. Click “OK“.

Select “Administrators” in the list and check “Allow” next to “Full Control“. Click “Apply” & “OK“.

Select the key “DefaultMediaCost” and from the right-side double click on “Ethernet.”

It will open Ethernet value’s properties window; here you can see that the Value Data is set to “1“.

Change its value to 2 and click “OK“.

That’s it!

Once you see the value of the Ethernet changed to 2, your Ethernet connection is metered!

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