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One day Firefox crashed and I had to reset it to get it to work.

Guess what?!

I lost all my bookmarks and plug-ins!

This article will show you how to restore all your Mozilla Firefox settings and bookmarks with simple steps.

Undo a Mozilla Firefox Refresh

How to Undo a Reset on Firefox

Check your Desktop, you will find a folder named “Old Firefox Data“, that folder contains all your old settings, bookmarks and plug-ins. This folder was created to help you recover from a forced refresh of your browser Firefox.

For example the file place.sqlite is a SQLite database that contains all bookmarks.

Press Windows+R to open Run and put in this path, click “OK“:

%systemdrive%\users\%username%\Desktop\Old Firefox Data

Open the folder ending with “.default“.

Press CTRL+A to select all folders and copy them using the CTRL+C shortcut.

Open the following path using the Run prompt:


Open the folder ending with “.default“, you will find bunch of files and folders there. Press CTRL+V to paste all the files you copied from the “Old Firefox Data” folder earlier.

Override all files by clicking “Replace the files in the destination“.

How to Reset/Refresh Firefox

In case you are wondering how to reset or refresh your Firefox browser, here is how.

Type in the address bar the following path:


Click the button “Refresh Firefox…

There you have it! You just learned how to revert the refresh process.

Feel free to ask any questions if something went wrong… Thanks!