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Do you want to remove a UWP (Universal Windows Platform) application?

As we all know Microsoft introduced the UWP apps that are platform-homogeneous in Windows 10 in order to allow developers and users benefit from universal apps that run on all Windows 10 platforms, including Desktop and Mobile.

With this in mind a couple of popular companies have developed their own UWP apps. But this created a kind of a mess inside Windows

How can we uninstall UWP apps if we can’t find them in Control Panel?

The clumsiness is due partly to 2 types of apps working on a desktop. The Control Panel and the Settings app are an awesome example of this problem. The Control Panel only allows you to uninstall desktop apps while the Settings app enables you to uninstall a UWP app in Windows 10.

Listed here are two methods to uninstall a UWP app in Windows 10.

Easy Way to Uninstall UWP Apps on Windows 10

The Problem with Uninstalling UWP Apps

As you can see, we searched for the UWP app “Slack” in the “Programs and Features” found in “Control Panel” but there are no items to be shown. This is due to the reason that UWP apps are installed separately from Desktop apps/programs we used to have in earlier versions of Windows until Windows 10. Which came with this new type of apps to compete with Android and iOS and provide its own version of cross-platform apps that we can find in the “Windows Store“. It’s another copy/paste from Microsoft, we can say.

1. Uninstall UWP Apps from the Settings App

Open the “Settings app(Win+I) and go to “System” settings. Choose the “Apps & Features” tab and await the listing of apps to populate.

Click on the UWP app you wish to uninstall. You can search its name using the first search box. It’ll develop to disclose two choices: Move and Uninstall. Click on “Uninstall” to remove the app.

You’ll be shocked to know that some desktop apps will likely be listed within the Settings app. It’s greatest to not uninstall a desktop app from the Settings app. Do it from the Control Panel as an alternative.

2. Uninstall an UWP App from the Start Menu

A faster approach to uninstall a UWP app in Windows 10 is from the Start Menu. Search for the app you wish to remove within the listing of apps. Right-click the app within the app list or right-click the app tile on the “Start Menu“. Click on “Uninstall” from the context menu to take away the app.

Once more, this similar methodology works for desktop apps as well. The question is whether or not Windows 10 will remove a desktop app correctly or not.

Chances are high Windows 10 can uninstall desktop apps from the Settings app and the Start Menu however it’s best to not risk it. Use the Control Panel to uninstall a desktop app and keep on with the Settings app to remove a UWP app.